Charging a Car Battery

Your battery will drain if it is not charged. Fortunately, your battery can be charged in just a few simple tips. You should make sure that the battery terminals are clean before you charge them. Check the owner's manual in order to see the recommended voltage. The owner's manual will also give you the specific charger instructions. Disconnect the battery terminals and connect the charger cables. There is an ammeter that will tell you whether the battery is charging.


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How to Jump Start Another Car

You need to park your vehicle next to the dead one. Ideally, the vehicles should be about 18 inches away from one another. Both vehicles need to be turned off. Attach the jumper cables. Make sure that you follow the instructions in the manual because it will tell you how long you need to charge your battery. The next step is to start your vehicle and let it run for a few minutes. Your vehicle may have to run for one or two minutes.

Have the other driver to start their vehicle. If the other vehicle does not turn on…

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Here’s What to Do After a Car Accident

Many drivers don't know what steps to take after they get into a car accident. This can lead to many complications and mistakes that can cost you a significant amount of money. Here at Dallas Collision Center in Dallas, TX, there are a few steps we recommend to ensure you protect yourself.

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