Spring ushers in warmer weather, better road conditions, and bright sunshine that lights the way for exploring. It's the perfect time for backroads tours, spontaneous road trips, and other adventures. At Dallas Collision Center, we want to help Dallas locals enjoy optimum levels of safety during their spring travels. That's why we're sharing two spring car care tips to keep autos running smoothly.

Have Your Engine Air Filter Changed

During your next oil change service, have your engine air filter changed. This component captures and retains airborne debris so that it doesn't build-up on or within your engine. With the coming springtime influx of airborne pollen, it's best to have a fresh engine air filter installed.

Schedule a Battery Health Test

Automotive batteries don't always fare well in temperature extremes. Having your battery tested after a long winter will ensure that it has an adequate charge and that it has the ability to retain it. During this service, have corrosion removed from your battery's cables and table, and check for loose connections.

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