Properly inflated tires are essential to staying safe while you're driving in Dallas. Fortunately, most vehicles are equipped with sensors that can detect when one or more tires have low air pressure. Although this system sounds simple, it can still be a bit of a mystery when your tire pressure light turns on. To better understand this light, check out this basic guide from your friends at Dallas Collision Center.

If your tire pressure light comes on when you first turn on your vehicle, you may not have a reason for concern. When your tires get cold, the pressure inside the tires drops, meaning the sensors will detect that you're driving with under-inflated tires. Assuming the light goes off after you drive for a little while, you don't have any reason to take action.

Another reason why your tire pressure light might come on is that the sensors sometimes need replacing. Since the sensors are exposed to harsh conditions, they can occasionally fail. It's important to replace a faulty sensor as soon as possible so that you can stay on top of the condition of your car's tires.

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