As days get longer and the weather in Dallas, TX gets warmer, it’s time to take stock of any damage to your vehicle’s exterior from salt, grit, and icy weather. Here at some tips from Dallas Collision Center to make sure your car is springtime ready. Spring makes the perfect lull between winter’s cold winds and summer’s blazing heat, making it ideal for a thorough washing and waxing. Once you’ve removed caustic salt from the exterior, you can check for any signs of corrosion. You can repair small areas yourself with a touch-up kit or bring your vehicle in for more extensive body repair.

If you’ve got winter tires installed, it’s the perfect time to swap them for a summer set so you’re ready for that road trip. Your wiper blades and engine fluids can take a beating during the cold months. Your technician can check and refill fluids and replace tired wiper blades. It’s also a good time to replace filters, have hoses and belts inspected and check your battery.

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