Our team at Dallas Collision Center believes that a dashcam is a handy addition to most modern vehicles. This gadget will help you capture events in Dallas, TX that you may have missed, and some can be used as evidence in dispute resolution. A dashcam has a wide field of view of the front of your vehicle and will be able to capture any vandalism that may take place on your vehicle.

Additionally, there are chances of someone scratching your vehicle when it is in the parking. There are many hard-wired modern dash cams, and most of them have park mode. This implies that the dashcam will record when your vehicle is switched off. This will help you capture the cases of people scratching your vehicle and running away.

Insurance firms and drivers alike have a difficult time dealing with insurance fraud. Some fraudulent insurance or drivers will try to make false claims. Installing a dashcam gives you the opportunity to catch these corn artists in the act.

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