Dallas Collision Center always recommends that you take your car to a professional when you need repair or service in Dallas, TX. If you are determined to perform your own headlight restoration, a few professional tips can be useful. You will save time and money when you are better prepared.

You'll want to have a few basic items in your toolkit. A screwdriver, socket wrenches, and crescent wrenches are a must. Also, include a bottle of spray lubricant. Some jobs will require you to weatherproof the headlight housing with clear silicone, so consider keeping it handy. Lastly, you'll want to include a level.

When performing a DIY headlight restoration one of the most important things you can do is align the light properly in the housing. You want it to be level so that the light from the headlamp is directed at the roadway before you. Too high will illuminate the trees, and too low will shorten the visibility in front.

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