Damaged engine pistons or ruined transmission gears could mean a totaled vehicle. If the related fluids leak, then both the transmission and motor may be doomed quickly. When motor oil leaks out, running an engine for merely 15 minutes could destroy it.

Fluid leaks occur, and motor and transmission lubricants are not the only liquids at risk. Windshield washer, differential, power steering, and coolant might leak. A small pinhole in a radiator hose could lead to coolant leaking and an engine overheating. An overheated engine may end up totaled.

Dallas car, truck, and SUV owners need to keep a close watch on fluid levels. Leaks may happen at any time for several reasons. The slow corrosion of brake lines, for example, may lead to a dangerous leak.

Dallas Collision Center offers maintenance services for drivers interested in caring for their vehicles. Our team handles fluid checks and flushes, along with other maintenance options.


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