Primary Purpose

The alternator is a very important component that allows a vehicle's battery to remain charged. More importantly, your vehicle's alternator is what provides the majority of the electrical power to your vehicle after you have started the engine. The battery in your vehicle will provide some electricity to your vehicle once the engine has been started, but the alternator is the primary source.


The Alternator Process

Your vehicle's engine runs as a complete system. The components in an alternator are able to produce electricity by using the mechanical energy that is provided by the engine. The battery in the engine then stores the energy for the next startup cycle.


Failing Alternator

Alternators fail as a result of normal usage. Due to the fact that your vehicle's alternator charges the battery in the engine, you will immediately know that your alternator is failing if your battery continually dies. Grinding noises and burning smells are additional signs of a failing alternator.


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