A leaky exhaust can cause serious problems if you’re not aware of the problem. Once the exhaust starts leaking, the poisonous and harmful gases from the exhaust can get inside your vehicle and cause harm to you and your passengers. Our team at Dallas Collision Center would like to offer you tips on how to recognize a leaky exhaust. Here are some signs you exhaust may be leaking.

  • Your vehicle is louder than normal when you start it and continues to get louder the more you accelerate.
  • Your gas mileage is decreasing. A leaky exhaust will make your engine work harder, which requires more fuel.
  • The car will vibrate when you step on the gas pedal. As the leak gets bigger, so will the vibration become stronger.
  • Your vehicle will make an unusual noise, such as whining or popping, when you start it and put your foot on the gas pedal
  • You may notice a strange odor surrounding your vehicle when it’s first started.


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