We believe in the power of knowledge at Dallas Collision Center, so we want to ensure you know how to change a flat tire in a pinch. Of course, you can use this valuable knowledge in Dallas or anywhere you drive.

Bring your vehicle to a safe, smooth stop when a flat occurs. Park on level pavement, and run your hazard lights if needed. Typically, you'll find your spare tire and a jack kit beneath your trunks floor. The jack kit should include a lug wrench.

Safely place the jack under the frame notch nearest your flat tire. Next, loosen your flats lug nuts, and raise the jack. With sufficient clearance acquired, swap tires. Before you lower the vehicle, tighten your lug nuts. For a reliable fit, use a crisscross rotation during the tightening process. Now, lower the jack. Once the vehicle is firmly back on the ground, youll find more leverage you can use to fully tighten the lug nuts.


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